The Couturieres

Founded in Downtown Manhattan by husband and wife duo Manuel Vanni and Adriana Naslausky Vanni in 2018, Atelier Le Diplomate pays "hommage" to the couples family roots, passion and heritage.

Adriana, Manhattan born with proud Carioca blood, grew up in a family of Diplomat’s where every dinner has always been driven by sharing life experiences and precious memories of years spent living in new Countries through the eyes and moments of different cultures. Instead of inspiring a career as a Diplomat she eventually decided to embrace one in fashion.

After a few years of growing experience with world-renowned brands such as Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, and Alberta Ferretti she joined forces with her Florentine life partner Manuel to create a business that found its highest expression in a strong evocative international way of living - embodied by quality, craftsmanship and human values. Manuel’s ten-year background in the private label field brought Atelier Le Diplomate to find its ideal second home in Italy, where the entire manufacturing process is developed with garments that are pure creations of their clients lifestyle. Couture meets bespoke tailoring.

Ladies and gentlemen overcoats and suits are cut by Italian Master Tailors with the same craftsmanship and purpose to perfection. 220 steps and more than 36 hours of effective workmanship, each garment comes to life thanks to more than 6,000 meticulously hidden stitches made by hand. With the handcrafted heritage of artisans at its pivot, the ALD garments are conceived to mold the silhouette with absolute precision and create a second skin. In this process of sculpture, the ALD Master Tailors work with each client to create unique masterpieces in a harmonious dialog between body, personality, needs and desires. A crown jewel of Italian savoir faire and old Hollywood glamour, crossing in the firmament of tailoring with absolute refinement.