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Le Diplomate

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Le Diplomate – French for “The Diplomat.” 
Le Diplomate pays “hommage” to my partner’s (in life and in business) family roots, as her grandparents from both sides dedicated their entire lives serving in the Diplomatic Corps of the Federative Republic of Brazil, representing it as Ambassadors, Consuls and Secretaries around the world. 

Every family dinner has always been driven by sharing life experiences and discovering personal feelings behind old photos that represent more than just a moment. As they served as Ambassadors in Vatican City, Copenhagen, Brussels, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires or as Consuls in Barcelona, New York, Washington DC, Tokyo, memories include personal meetings with Pope John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan, Kings, Queens, Prime Minsters, Artists and Socialitè of any level. What we saw through the eyes of Adriana’s family wasn’t just a rigorous life of duties built around a vigorous etiquette, but a philosophy of life that found its highest expression in a strong evocative international way of living. The same way of living that we visualized and embodied behind the early days of Le Diplomate. 
What back in the days was a privilege and responsibility of Diplomats, today is the life of any world citizen. People that no matter which passport they use to travel, can find themselves at home in any city. No matter if your next destination is Paris, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Madrid or Cape Town, wherever you go, you always have friend’s number on your agenda to call, a special place to start your day and a favorite restaurant to end it at. An international way of living is about understanding other places and finding a part of yourself in it. 
This is what Le Diplomate represents, people commonly called world citizens – that no matter where they live, share the same international life vision. We are telling their stories, learning from their steps, and sharing it with you. 
Welcome to Le Diplomate.