Poggio Torselli

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The first time we visited Villa Poggio Torselli it was late afternoon on an exceptionally warm summer day. Driving through the hills of Florence, we decided to stop for a few bottles of Tuscan wine and fresh olive oil. We luckily stumbled across a vineyard along the drive, and made our way in. Two large gold gates greeted us and led us through fields of bright green Cypress trees and roses, driving for a few minutes before finally arriving. 

Maurizio, who would later become our dear friend, greeted us and informed us that the wine tasting area was under renovation and was unavailable. What was available, however, was the kitchen where those working at the villa met for lunch, coffee and aperitivo during the weekdays. 
We stepped into a quaint, warm kitchen. The moka had just finished brewing and was still steaming. It sat alongside fresh bread, olive oil, and a few bottles of wine. Maurizio sat with us, and after a few minutes, and few glasses of wine, we were enjoying conversations about who we are, where we come from, food, life… wine. 
We returned eagerly the following Summer to our home-away-from-home. This time we explored the grounds, and ended the morning in the (finally) completed wine-tasting room. Later that day, we once again walked through the garden, one filled with over 30 limonaias, incredibly abundant in various flowers every color imaginable, and so much life. We shared thoughts of what this villa has lived through and to still be so well maintained since it’s beginning in the 1400’s. More importantly, we observed how many people still work so carefully every day to maintain the beauty and the life behind Villa Poggio Torselli. 
This day two points became clearer to us: the respect and admiration we all shared for quality, and how one really can find a home wherever you are in the world. This feeling of home is within people, moments, and memories you share together. Poggio Torselli became the melting pot of that. We knew right away once Le Diplomate began, that Poggio Torselli would play a huge role in having others understand who we are, who are the ambassadors and posts that surround us, and what we envision for those and for ourselves. The quality of life, the calm contrasting curiosity, beauty with it’s specific attention to detail. And in every aspect, it would be a shame not to share that with the world. 
So here we are. Enjoy.